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Kee Transport.  074.9731828 or 087.3151954

Kee Transport is a third generation business. First generation transported furniture from Dublin to Donegal and moved gravel from source to building sites. Second generation concentrated on the Killybegs fishing industry moving loads of  fish  through out Ireland. We have now developed our business in several directions our main focus is heavy construction machinery. We use our expertise to move heavy plant and abnormal loads between Ireland and the U.K. 

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What we offer.


As a company we have fixed bed low loaders and  extendable low loaders for the transport of loads from 1 ton to 60 tons.

We will plan the move this includes any  paperwork,  e.g. necessary permits. Attention to detail is important to us this is what sets us apart, this ensures a safe reliable and cost effective movement of your goods. We are also experienced in  planning and preparation, which can also include an escort vehicle. 

Give us the opportunity to work with you and we guarantee a professional solution.

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